Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Please forgive me and we got LOAs!

Oh blog.  Blog friends.  How woefully neglectful I have been!  I found Instagram, a much quicker social media, and I use the stuffing out of it to post updates.  And I have forgotten my little blog over here.  Kimmiequan blogspot.  How much things have changed!!!

Life is a freight train!  I am riding each day at warp speed, hanging on to moments and trying to soak up these children.  In one month my oldest will fly the nest--and make her new nest in China for a short while, loving on babies at the foster home where most of our children have been cared for... 
She's going with her long time friend Hannah...what a blessing these two are!

My teen boys are living out their dream of playing high school football on a homeschool league.

My middles and littles are growing up!  Life is so full!

And these two below?  Cassie and Chloe--Their wait for a family, and our wait for them, is coming to a close!  We received our LOAs for them July 29, praise God!  

We are in the thick of fundraising--our first event was a yard sale this past weekend that God used to bring us:

AMAZING!  We are so thankful!  We are praying about having another yard sale in September, among other things to raise those last few (more like fifteen) thousand dollars needed for travel.  Not sure who reads my little forgotten blog anymore, but if you have any ideas--we'd love to hear 'em!  :)



Laura P said...

Try gofundme.com to raise those extra $$$$! Love you all and looking forward to meeting my newest nieces!

Unknown said...

Love reading your blog and always looking forward to your post. I used to be a sponsor of Cooper and am really happy that he has found his forever family. Have always been keeping him in my thoughts. I hope this doesn't sound rude but I was just wondering if I could follow you on instagram. It ok if you don't feel comfortable about it. no worries about that. :D Best of wishes and luck with your fund raising! Hoping to hear more good news about your upcoming adoption. =)

Unknown said...

Praise God for a great turn out for the yard sale.
In the past some of the girls at church have done Parent's Night Out for a fundraiser. We typically have 5+ ladies to watch kiddos and we charge about $10 per kid. Parent's just leave their kids to play with us and they get to go on a date.
This is just an idea. I would be glad to help out and your older gals could watch kids too. :)

Kathy said...

We are thrilled to see that things are moving forward. I told Juliana she had better start brushing up on her Mandarin! Please let us know if you set up an online fundraising account. We'd love to advocate for you up here in the Northeast!

Kristi said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray for LOA! And praising Him for the amazing yard sale! Can't wait to be following another Fabulous Ferrill journey...and so wishing I could tag along! Good friends of ours (with Lifeline) received their LOA right about the same time as you, if you guys end up traveling together I may just have to hop a plane...
Love to all you guys! Miss you.

Annie said...

Oh dear Laine!!! I am so so excited for you and for these precious girls! Praise the Lord!!! I just cannot wait to see these sweet little ones come home to your amazing family!