Sunday, October 12, 2014

In China!

Rob, Laine, Carlie, Corrie and Cooper made it to China and were greeted by none other than KK. How awesome is that!


From Laine:
We are here praise the Lord!  Our flights were so fast it seemed!  We had no layovers and just enough time to get to our next flights.  There may have been some running when we almost missed our flight to Guangzhou.  :)

Our first glimpse of KK waiting on us with our guide Aron at the airport!  What a huge blessing to be with our daughter again!!  Oh how we have missed her!

Shuttle bus ride to the plane! Chinese airports amaze me.  You feel like you are in a movie, walking down a tarmac to the metal stairs up to the door of the plane where stewardesses are waving to you!

Singing Corrie!  Happy Corrie!  She and Cooper were awesome traveling buddies!!

Our party of 5 at the Birmingham airport.  We seem so small!  I am constantly feeling like I am forgetting someone!  Oh how we miss our 8 children at home!!

We will get our twins at 1:00 a.m. while yall are sleeping tonight!  Thank you so much for all your prayers!  Cassie and Chloe's 11 years in an orphanage is about to come to a screeching halt.  New life is ahead of them, and us!  It is sure to be hard, but we know God is with us, He is with Cassie and Chloe, He is with our 8 children at home.  My friend Rebekah once told me that when I don't know what to expect about the future, I can always expect God to be faithful.  Amen and amen!


Kristi said...

I awakened through the night several times and prayed for you each time before laying my head back on the pillow. May abundant grace and mercies spill upon you my friend as you step into this new adventure.
Much love from the M7!
(and that picture of KK waving did me in this morning...can't even imagine how much y'all have missed her)

Kristi said...

Oh. And for the record. When you look later and realize there were like 5 million hits on your blog today, I'm sorry. :)
Anxiously awaiting pictures of your beautiful girls in your arms!

Unknown said...

Love these smiling faces, all of them! Oh how we pray you are all filled with our Heavenly Father's grace! Amen!