Thursday, October 23, 2014

What a Week it has Been!

We head home tomorrow!  It has been a roller coaster of emotions, a dance in bonding and attachment, hard, good, sweet, sad, wonderful, and amazing!  The moments have been unpredictable and we have lived the past 2 weeks through moment by moment grace from God!  The past week has been much better than the first week!  Our girls are brave and smart and sweet and we love them to pieces.  We can't wait to introduce them to their brothers and sisters at home!

Thank you for your prayers!  And thank you Granmart for keeping our kiddos for 2 weeks!!!  You are the best ever!!!!  (she really is!)

We're coming home!!!!


Kristi said...

I am so thankful to know that while it may have been difficult, it has been blessed. I've prayed for you guys daily and may be part of the reason for 1 million hits on your blog as I've checked in multiple times daily. Prayers for your safe travels!
Love you all!

Unknown said...

Praying you are home safely, dear friends! WE love you ALL!

Steve and Jan said...


So happy to see you bringing your girls home! What blessings are in store for all of you! We miss you all! Tell all the kiddos we said hello. Hope one of these days to catch up with you when we are in Ala.

BTW, Katie Lynn looks SO grown up! When did that happen???!!!

Email me sometime when you have nothing else to do...LOL!


Kristi said...

You know one thing I'd LOVE for Christmas? A picture of ALL your kiddos together.
Just a little request. They don't even have to be smiling or all looking at the camera...

Love y'all!
Kristi & the rest of the M7.